project overview

Silk Road’ is a lucrative investment opportunity in the entertainment industry. We are creating a successful anthology thriller web series. By making a well produced show with original and authentic content aided with a well thought out marketing and robust PR strategy, right from its inception, we intend to create a secure and profitable venture.

Season one tells the story of Durga Rao, a second generation Telugu American DEA agent and Kishore Naidu, an enterprising Telugu graduate student and a recent immigrant.

Indian Americans are one of the fastest growing ethnic market in USA.There are over three million Indians, most of whom came here for higher education at some point in time, who call US their home. These very people are a part of the large audience interested in stories like the one we intend to tell. However, not many well-produced shows exist which tell these stories.

We want to market ‘Silk Road’ as an anthology series, with each season telling a new crime drama about Indians living in America. Our business plan is divided into five investment stages. Below is a brief overview of the work involved and objectives of various stages.

In stage one DEVELOPMENT, we setup an LLC, draft all legal paperwork, complete writing novel, publish and market the novel, and hire marketing and PR teams to start drafting promotional media. We also secure locations, crew and rest of the cast. Line Producer, Director, Director of Photography and Art director will work together to produce a teaser.

In stage two, CROWDFUNDING we will run a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to produce the pilot episode.

In stage three, PILOT, we produce the pilot episode. Using this and also leveraging our social media presence, we secure funding for the rest of the season one.

In stage four, SEASON ONE, we shoot the entire season 1 and complete the post production.

In stage five SEASON TWO, we aim to have achieved a significantly large audience-base to interest big streaming networks like Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon etc.

In the sections that follow, we will discuss further details about the Market Analysis, Return on Investment,Team, Strategy, Implementation and Budget.